the best medicine

published on June 8th, 2013

the best medicine

I went to take photos in the campground at the Kerrville Folk Festival.  I was seeking out campsites where people were singing and/or playing their original music.  I found this one campsite with a couple giving a mini concert to about 6 of their friends gathered around them in a semi-circle.  They were in their 50's or 60's, of the hippie generation.  I waited until they had concluded their song and politely asked if they would mind if I took their photo.  The woman replied aggressively, "Thank you for asking!  You may."  I was a little taken aback so I just chuckled and said thanks.  

Now, because I use a manual camera with no flash, I have to meter to see if there is enough light for me to take a photo.  When I meter, I get very close to an object with the lens of my camera and use the built-in light meter.  There was a chair close by that was perfect for metering, so I leaned over and stuck my lens right down to the seat of the chair.  Unfortunately, there was not enough light for me to get a good shot so I thanked them, waved and left.  

On the car ride home, it occurred to me that they probably thought I was taking photos of the seat of the chair.  

I laughed so hard I coughed up some phlegm and my friend Daniel pointed out that laughter really is the best medicine.